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Key Features of a Good Home Security Camera Kit

Protecting your home from theft and vandalism is a priority for many people. In this case, video security can be a great way to keep your home or business secure and increase its safety. There are several high-quality and affordable options available for those seeking this kind of protection. When choosing a video security kit, there are key features you should look for to obtain the best value for your money:

A wide range of resolutions

You will want your cameras to have the highest resolution allowed by law in your area. At present, this would be about 1280×720 pixels or higher, which is about 704,000 pixels per frame. Even better would be 1920×1080 pixels, also called 1080P HD, which is 1,920,000 pixels per frame. Such a high resolution allows clear identification of people and license plates.

Infrared night vision when needed.

The best systems will allow you to switch infrared illumination on when needed. For instance, it can be used in total darkness when there is not enough light reaching the lens to provide clear images or identification of people or license plates. Most security cameras will have "day" and "night" modes where the inside-out infrared illumination only comes on during the dark hours (usually between one and four am). However, some kits advertise themselves as having "true day/night functions." That means you can use them both during daytime and nighttime using either regular lighting or infrared lighting; what's important here is that they don't have to be adjusted manually, as would happen if one used a switch.


One of the most important features of security camera kits is weatherproofing, which means that your cameras can work under rain or snow conditions without damage. That is critical for outdoor monitoring. However, it may not be absolute; even the best brand names sell indoor/outdoor CCTV camera systems intended for use inside buildings and outside monitoring only in good weather conditions (no snow).

A wide range of lenses

Most lenses are sold separately from the cameras themselves, allowing you to customize your kit according to your needs. For instance, they might allow for more flexibility concerning the distances you wish to monitor and the field of view. This flexibility may be especially important if you have a large area to cover or wish to monitor several different angles at once. If your kit only has one lens, it will probably be a "bayonet" type where one pair can fit all cameras no matter their specifications, but this normally results in viewing only from one angle.

Multiple recording options

The best CCTV kits are designed for easy recording. One should not need to go through complex procedures every time one wishes to make a recording; ideally, there should be an option to continuously save video files without human intervention (such as based on motion detection). Further, it's better if recordings can be made either locally or remotely.

Privacy-proof design

You should look out for kits that place the manufacturer's logo and serial number in an easily visible location. That is important since it allows police and security manuals to identify which kit has been used if someone ever tries to steal your camera or interfere with its operation. It might also make thieves think twice about tampering with your kit because they would risk getting caught red-handed.

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